Saturday, June 11, 2011

Seattle Trip

Zoey in Seattle learning how to walk with her cast on...

Friday, June 10, 2011

Easter 2011

Happy Easter everyone.

We even hid an Easter basket for Isaac. he searched for that basket for quit a while but he was at last victorious

Zoey's Easter basket from Grandma and Grandpa Green

She was so excited to go find eggs i could barely get her to hold still for 2 seconds so i could take this picture.

Happy Hunting

We hid one from Rob also, but he cheated by using the ladder. Hes never been one for

I think she did pretty well for herself, wow she looks exhausted

Rob wanted a picture of her in her sunday dress with her DC's on he thought it was kinda cute. I do have to admit he has a point.

The cousins. well part of them

Dutch oven and baby animals

Zoey looks comfy but Rob not so much

                                          Grandma makes the best frosting, she's saving it for later

Ok were taking a poll Which chick is cuter?

I will take you home and love you forever. I will love you and feed you and bath you and make you my own and we will be best friends forever and I will call you ButterCup!

Peek a Boo

We are at a baby animal farm for little kids. Can you tell?

This baby turtle was so cute and zoey thought so until it started to move, than she wanted no part of it...
she looks unhappy but really she is just laughing really hard, mixed with not being able to

Yeah rob loved it too i think

just in case you wanted to see that pic again and didnt want to have to scroll back down. or i accidently put in on here twice and dont know how to undo that... either way a really cute picture

Rob and Zoey building a fort together.. she had so much fun with that

We went on a walk with zoey It was getting windy so we decided to head back but on the way she was so observant she noticed that the wind was blowing away the leafs on the ground so she decided to save every leaf she could from its inpending doom of landing in a new spot... how sweet "Kerry" But I'm Helpin ya....

You know those famous homemade cookies i told you about, well zoey finally made it into the cooking process, isnt she the cutest keebler elf you have ever seen?

Papa's Tractor rides a memory for every grandchild and a thrill for every great grandchild, especially zoey she loves to go for a ride with her Papa

1'st Hair cut

Love you!!!

But we were amazing wives. we had dinner ready for them and everything

What amazing Hubby's they were troopers. well kind of...

Date Night before the baby arrives